Our Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions  (original english only)

Last updated February 1st., 2024

1. Definitions

"Cubenatic Cubes"  or "Cubes" refers to the original collection of individually, CodeArt created images, transformed into physical, unique, numbered and hand-signed art-pieces and the related digital proof-of-ownership tokens and all other tokens created by Schoenfeld under the Cubenatic brand.

"Cubenatic", "we", "us" or "our" refers to Cubenatic and/or the artist Schoenfeld.

"QSS" means a quantum-safe-system. A decentralized, quantum computer safe, authentication network without a blockchain.

"Property" or "Owned" means your Cubenatic Cube obtained directly from our online shop or other marketplaces or third-party sources and the connected, legitimate proof-of-ownership rights documented in a Smart Contract and QSS-file containing the individual, identical QSS-serial number in both tokens.

A legitimate proof of purchase will appear on the relevant blockchain and on a QSS to confirm ownership. Both are cross-secured inside the code.

"Owner" means the legal owner of the Cubenatic Cube.

2. Ownership

Unless otherwise stated, we retain ownership and intellectual property rights in all text, graphics, images, audio, video or code associated with the Cubenatic brand, website and related services. All rights granted to the owners of Cubenatic Cubes are listed here.

3. Property

By legally owning a Cubenatic Cube and accepting our terms and conditions, you are granted non-exclusive, worldwide, royalty-free rights to:

  • - Use the image(s) on your own or on other third party website(s).
  • - Commercialize the complete image(s) of your Cube(s).
  • - Create derivative art based on your Cube(s) as long as it does not violate Cubenatic or other Cubenatic Cube owners. 
  • - Create physical copies of your Cube(s).
  • - Sell your Cube(s).

You may not display the Cubenatic logo or use the Cubenatic name in any commercial use of your Cube. You may not imply any direct business association with the brand or act as Cubenatic.

You may use the logo and Cubenatic name in combination with your invitation link and /or the Cubenatic invite program.

We reserve the right to revoke these rights if the Cubenatic brand is adversely affected by your use of artwork related to your Cube(s) .

Any material that is considered offensive, unlawful, hateful, fraudulent, defamatory or pornographic or any other material that may damage the Cubenatic brand is prohibited.

If at any time you cease to be the legal owner of a Cubenatic Cube, you will lose all rights to use the Cube and all associated images. If you cannot prove ownership of the proof-of-ownership token of your Cubenatic Cube, you will no longer be considered the legal owner of the property rights. You own the ownership rights to the unique physical Cubenatic Cube original hand-signed and numbered image, regardless of whether or not the tokens are in your possession. However, you lose all commercial and derivative rights in this case.

4. Acceptance

By visiting the website (https://cubenatic.com) or by purchasing a Cubenatic Cube, you accept and agree to all the terms and conditions described. If you do not agree to any part of the terms and conditions, please do not use the Cubenatic website (https://cubenatic.com) or purchase Cubenatic Cubes. We reserve the right to modify or change this agreement at any time, so please ensure that you update these terms and conditions regularly.

5. Risk Management

All digital Proof-of-Ownership Tokens related to Cubenatic Cubes have no intrinsic value and are not intended as an investment, but solely designed to protect your ownership rights to the physical Cube. All Cubenatic Cubes are uniquely numbered and traceable. We make no guarantees about the current or future value of assets associated with Cubenatic. Digital proof-of-ownership tokens and all related blockchain and QSS technologies to secure the ownership rights of the Cubenatic Cube(s) are experimental and should be treated as such. Any errors, hacks, bugs or changes in the underlying technology are beyond our control.

6. Limitation of Liability

The owner agrees that all parties associated with Cubenatic shall be exempt from any and all liability for any loss, damage, claim or expense arising out of any Cubenatic Cube or its title.

7. Tax Management

You are solely responsible for all tax liabilities related to the purchase and sale of Cubenatic Cubes or related products. Make sure you comply with your country's tax laws.

8. Privacy

Cubenatic does not collect any information about you, collect IP addresses or otherwise violate your privacy. Blockchain and/or QSS is the immutable store for all proof-of-ownership transactions related to Cubenatic Cubes, we have no control over it.

9. General Information

Cubenatic is a dedicated team around the digital artist SchoenfeldSchoenfeld creates by "CodeArt" and is the inventer of the art form CodeArt, founder and artist of Cubenatic and all Cubenatic Cubes. 

We aim to build a strong and large community around the Cubenatic brand to show the world what high quality, abstract, rare and original digital art looks like. Schoenfelds dedication to minimalism, design diversity and to deliver unique pieces of art to our community members will always be the first priority.

We want to give valuable experiences and lifetime opportunities. The valuation of any piece of art is based on emotions, personal joy, rarity and uniqueness. Every single Cubenatic Cube is unique, rare and coded individually, named with care to be a complete piece of art in every aspect, even the color-codes are chosen for a purpose. Schoenfeld sends 1024 messages to the world. Find them!

10. Message by Schoenfeld

We want to give joy and happiness to all community members, whether you own a Cubenatic Cube or just want to use our platform and ecosystem as an inspiring art-gallery. Thank you for being a part of this awesome community. 

If you have any questions regarding your Cubenatic Cube, please contact us via our support ticket system and we will be happy to chat with you.

The above Terms of Service are designed to protect us and our community, and we will defend and protect these rights where necessary.