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Cubenatic Cubes are extremely rare and very limited. They are distributed exclusively through our trusted art ambassadors.


All Cubenatic Cubes were created as pure CodeArt. The artist has transformed the codebase of each piece into a physical, handcrafted final product. No picture enhancement software has been used in the creation process. 'CodeArt' has made the unique designs possible.


There will only ever be a limited number of Cubenatic Cubes available. Rarity is the key to a truely deflationary asset. Each Cube is only available once and in one unique named color only. The value of the Cube is linked to its rarity. Secure your personal Cube as a store of value.


Cubenatic Cubes are secured in a patented, quantum-safe, digital system and on the blockchain (Redeemable after purchase). This new proof-of-ownership includes a digital version of the Cube to ensure all owner rights and eliminates the need for a physical certificate-of-authenticity that could be lost, stolen or compromised.


Cubenatic.com - 12-bit color Cubes in a programmable palette of 16×16×16 colors and a strictly limited number of total pieces. Each Cube is crafted around an exclusive name and on a unique hex-color-code base. Each Cube is made into a one-of-a-kind piece with a serial number and a secret key that can be unlocked after purchase.

Cubenatic Cubes

Our collection is now available for reservation. There is a limited edition of Cubenatic Cubes in total. 55 are available for a limited time. Secure yours while you still can. HOT Collection Cubes:


Original Cubenatic Cube


Original Cubenatic Cube


Original Cubenatic Cube

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Check out the Cubenatic Collection at Cubenatic.com and choose your favorite Cube. Learn more about the additional benefits of owning your first Cube.

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We manage everything and you can easily purchase your Cubenatic Cube directly at cubenatic.com. We ship the physical cube to your address.

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You will receive a receipt for your purchase in your in-box and a link to your Cube with shipping and ownership transfer instructions. You're Done! It's that easy.

Frequently Asked Questions

The most recent and important questions from the Cubenatic community.

A one-of-a-kind, physical, quantum computer safe and digitally secured piece of art (RWA).
Yes. Cubenatic Cubes are all 100% unique. They have special traits, but ALL have an individual name related to the design, a serial number and a unique color-code identifier attached to them.
You can purchase the first presale series directly from the artist via Cubenatic.com/collection.
Cubenatic Cubes were created by Schoenfeld, a digital artist with advanced programming skills and the creator of CodeArt. Schoenfeld works with a team of specialists in their respective fields.
A file-based, unhackable data structure protected from computing power and exposure to quantum computers. Quantum computers could make Blockchains vulnerable to advanced decryption software. The protocol on which all digital Cubernatic Cubes are dual-built on uses authentication instead of encryption to determine ownership of a Cubenatic Cube. Our QSS provides security 30-sextillion times stronger than cryptography (30,000,000,000,000,000,000,000 times the security of Bitcoin!). It simply cannot be hacked. QSS codes change with each authentication. All digital Cubernatic Cubes exist only in one, valid, unhackable and authenticated piece on the QSS system.
Good question as quantum computers are not available on the open market yet. Soon they will be and experts believe that crypto including Bitcoin might become hackable and wallets could be compromised. We believe so too. We have chosen to double secure each Cubenatic Cube on both the blockchain and a quantum-safe system (QSS). This system is revolutionary safe. Cubenatic is the first and only art project to use this new technology. You will receive more detailed information as soon as the reservation and pre-sale phase is completed to protect us from early copying.
We want to deliver genuine, handcrafted artwork to our customers while allowing them to protect their individual ownership rights as securely as possible. Each Cubenatic Cube comes with full ownership and redistribution rights on the Blockchain and QSS along with the physical artwork at no additional costs.
Our customers will receive a physical, original, hand-crafted and hand-signed version of their respective Cubenatic Cube along with a serial number. The serial number holds the ownership rights along with other information that describes the cube and is secured in a smart contract on the Blockchain and on the QSS network individually and independently of each other, but still connected. If a Cubenatic Cube is ever 'lost' or 'burned' on the Blockchain, the QSS version can still be used to represent the buyer's owner rights. The QSS version will never be lost and can never be hacked. In addition, the QSS version contains the complete Cube in code form, and the Blockchain version is stored on the decentralized IPFS network. If a Cubenatic Cube is sold, ownership of the tokens are transferred to the buyer.
The physical Cubenatic Cube is something very special. Each cube is processed only once as real world artwork (RWA). The Cube will be individually numbered and will be hand-signed by the artist. After your approved purchase, you will be able to add your delivery address to your Cube. As soon as we have approved your payment, we will prepare the physical artwork for shipping. Delivery times varies as we ship worldwide.
You can transfer the artworks blockchain-token immediately after your payment has been verified. The QSS-token will be accessable after you have received your physical CUBE.
Yes. We prefer to communicate via our internal support system. Simply open a ticket and we will answer as soon as possible. You need an account on Cubenatic.com.

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